Myanmar, previously known as Burma is an ideal country for tourists who base their vacation on culture. Myanmar has a combination of natural landscape and beautiful architecture, like the pagodas that showcase the country’s history, culture and tradition.


Myanmar is Southeast Asian country that shares the border with China, Laos and Thailand in the east, and Bangladesh and India in the north.  Myanmar covers an area of 675,000 square kilometer and can be described as land of hills and valleys. The capital and largest city is Yangon.


Myanmar climate is divided into three main seasons: summer, rainy season and cold season. The summer months are from March to May; the rainy season is from mid-May to the end of October and the cold season is from November to end of February. The best time to visits Myanmar is between October and February where the weather is not too hot or wet.


The official language of Myanmar is Burmese. English is only used by limited educated individuals and the national government.


Myanmar is a Buddhist country with Theravada Buddhism being practiced by about 90 per percent of the population. Other religions practiced in Myanmar are Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

Cultures & Festivals

Most of the Myanmar’s culture is connected by Buddhism and close proximity of China and India. Visitors can see the local festivals being held throughout the year in villages, like the pagoda festival.


There are two kinds of currency used in Myanmar: FEC and Kyat. The Myanmar Kyat is the official currency in Myanmar. The Foreign Exchange Certificate (FEC) is the second currency and is mainly used by tourist. 1 FEC is equivalent to 1 US Dollar.FEC is used for goods and services like air and train tickets, but Kyat is especially at local shops in Myanmar.