Cambodia is not only defined by its amazing heritage sites like the stunning temple of Angkor Wat, which has drawn many travelers for years. Cambodia does also offer exotic cultures, beautiful scenery and wildlife that people can explore.


Cambodia is a country located in Southeast Asia that is bordered by Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand. The capital and the largest city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh.

The Climate

The Cambodia climate is a tropical monsoon climate and has only two seasons: monsoon/rainy season and dry season. The monsoon season is from May to November. The best time for visitors to visits is generally during the dry season, which is from November to April.


The official language of Cambodia is Khmer (Cambodian). Still some French are spoken by few and English is becoming very popular as a second language.

Religion and Culture

Theravada Buddhism is the religion 95 percent of the Cambodia’s population practices.Cambodia culture is very rich in history and is influenced by India and China. The culture and festivals is also based on religious influences of Khmer beliefs, Buddhism and Hinduism. The two largest festivals are the Khmer New Year and Pisakh Bochea.



The Cambodian currency is called Riel but most Cambodians use US dollars. Most hotels and restaurants, shops, taxis, buses and airlines quote their prices in US dollars.